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READY FOR YOUR BIOSACRED LIFE? what's next? talk to us if ...

One of your fears is:

- not fulfilling your highest potential.

- not living your lives' purpose.

- not knowing how to get comfortable with the new or unknown. 

- not knowing how to reinvent yourself. 

You want to: 

- dance to the beat of your own drums. 

- connect with your authentic self.

- to release old habits. 

- live with lightness and balance. 

- cultivate self love. 

- rediscover your self worth and increase confidence. 

- improve your approach to life.

 You are not alone! 

“We are just alone as much as we think we are!” AnaCristina 


A sacred life isn't a perfect one a Sacred live is just life lived at its fullest with its ups and downs. Nourishing our mind, body and spirit at each inhale and exhale. 

Learn to lead a full life in your own unique and individual way!  

Integrate your trilogy - MIND - BODY - SPIRIT plus your time and space.


BioSacred is a movement that calls forth the authentic self by communicating to the unspoken self. It is a conscious act to support the changes that need to take place in the subconscious level for us to lead a fulfilled and happy life.


"I am a Sacred Space creator; my purpose in life is to teach others how to create their own BioSacred Spaces. Be it the Inner Space (self) and/or Outer Space (environment)." ― AnaCristina

A BioSacred Life


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"I felt she knew exactly how I was feeling and was able to connect with my guides to deliver the words I needed at that time. I totally recommend AnaCristina and her services."

-Alexandra Romero - Venezuela 


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 "If you want someone who can see you, hold you and inspire you with an authentic heart, you must connect with AnaCristina. She lives her values with an open heart as a change-maker and catalyst for sacred transformation in our world."

- Val Silidker, M.S., BCC - USA 


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"Ana Cristina has a compassionate way of challenging you to see outside of your comfort zone, which opened up new possibilities for me.” 

- Sarah Dolci - USA

About Us

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Company Bio

 BioSacred™ is an Authentic Living movement that brings together our inner and outer worlds. BioSacred™ works with the alchemy of the scientific, spiritual and artistic realms to integrate the mind, body, spirit and its environment; harmonizing and healing. 

We combine the earthly and the spiritual aspects of the clients we work with into one whole, integrated, loving self.  

At BioSacred Spaces we apply and implement a variety of tools and methodologies such as crystals, sacred geometry, energy points to harmonize, heal and optimize spaces focusing on the integration of the self and its environment. It is the creation of sacred spaces and sanctuaries at your home and/or work. Expect clear thoughts, more vitality, higher productivity etc.  Expect to FEEL GOOD! 

Available for residential, commercial and public spaces. 

"I want to live in a world that matches my vision of love, bliss and divine creation! And I want to share that vision and world with as many people as I can in my personal and professional life." 

-Ana Cristina 

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BioSacred Philosophy

Achieve awesomeness through self-awareness! 

Love Yourself 

Breath Intentionally 

Life is created in the Now 

Take inspired actions 

Movement and Flow

Compassion, respect, gentleness for yourself and others

you got this

Our Values