BioSacred spaces


Creating Sacred Spaces

Organization, Harmonization & Energization

BioSacred Spaces harmonizes the energies of the spaces  consequently maximizing the potential of each space and improving the lives of the people who uses it. Our environment and spaces are an intrinsic part of ourselves and play a big role in our healing and evolving process. 

BioSacred Space

Is a place that is created to serve its purpose which is to support us in many  ways such as recharging our energies, increase productivity, generating peace, inviting wellness in, strengthening our connections with our families, clients, etc.  Creating new, intentional and unique experiences while supporting our emotional and/or physical wellness. 

Our methodology is a blend of spirituality, neurolinguistics tools, arts and science with lots of inspiration, imagination,  and love involved. 

How it works

 BioSacred Spaces are custom created for you, your family, clients and community. First, we do a thorough analysis of your intentions for creating your sacred space and what results you would like to get.  One of the processes is that together identify your own personal or commercial symbology (commercial vs residential), another step will be anchor energy points in your space bringing to life your environment in a whole different way. 

* 101 coach session (number of sessions will vary from client to client)

* Space Assessment 

* Healing tools used will vary at the discretion of the practitioner. 

E.g.: Feng Shui, numerology, crystals, meditation, sound healing etc. 

What to Expect

Expect to feel good, improvement in wellness, easiness and more connected with your environment and your own life. A clear mind, a feeling of expansion and support. Less anxiety, less tired. 

On the commercial spaces improvements can be felt by the employees and/or clients. We have had experiences where the indoors office plants started growing and sprouting after we worked the space. 


Packages are customized

Please email us at  or  call +1. 305.951.1009 for information and availability. 


Do you do residential or commercial? 

We do both. Residential and Commercial. 

How long it takes? 

It will depend on the project. It can go from one afternoon to a week or longer.

Do I need to be present? 

For residential it would be highly recommended at least for some of the time. 

For commercial is not necessary.  

Can it be done at distance? 

Yes! Contact us for details.