Outside of the Comfort Zone


“AnaCristina’s warm and non-judgmental demeanor makes her easy to open up to. She has a natural ability to see what is impeding you from reaching your goals, asking powerful questions that will guide you to the answers. One session with her was more helpful than a few months of trying to overcome the blocks to my goal on my own. She has a compassionate way of challenging you to see outside of your comfort zone, which opened up new possibilities for me.” 

- Sarah Dolci - USA


Warming and Brighter


"AnaCristina is a beautiful and powerful soul. From the moment I met her I felt comfortable to allow her into my home for guidance. She did a sensory and visual scan of my space to help me create a warming and brighter apartment, which is what I was missing in my home. I have slowly made the recommendations and my place is becoming more alive each day with the subtle changes . I also love the fact that she stays in touch to follow up and answer any questions thereafter. I would recommend Ana to anyone!” 

- Gina Avellan -  USA

Exactly How I was Feeling

 This was my first time getting a reading from AnaCristina and I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

Had just moved into a new place but

I was not exactly happy about the different circumstances that prompted my move. I was feeling emotionally vulnerable and confused about the twisted ways the Universe has to teach lessons. 

I have to say AnaCristina’s reading was incredible, she gave me much-needed guidance on how to deal with my emotional state and most importantly, 

on how to heal. 

She gave me several practical recommendations to work on my space and on myself. I felt she 

knew exactly how I was feeling and was able to connect with my guides to deliver the words I needed at that time.

I totally recommend AnaCristina and her services. I plan to schedule a follow-up session in the upcoming months! 

-Alexandra Romero - Venezuela 

A Summer Day

 "AnaCristina’s presence is a fresh breeze 

on a warm summer day.  

She is joyful, delightful, funny 

and present all at the same time." 

- Brajesh Singh - India 

A Change-Maker

 If you want someone who can see you, hold you and inspire you with an authentic heart, you must connect with AnaCristina. I have had the pleasure of working closely with this amazing woman as both her teacher and a friend, and I can tell you that AnaCristina is a woman of integrity, curiosity and depth. She will help you connect with your vision and discover the gifts within you that you have to share with the world. Ana is the real deal. She lives her values with an open heart as a change-maker and catalyst for sacred transformation in our world. Thank you for your gifts, AnaCristina. Our world is more alive because of you!

- Val Silidker, M.S., BCC - USA 

Being the Love and Light


“AnaCristina lead me through a meditation where I was able to discover the “light” and “heavy” sides of my mind. And let go… How to hold to whatever I choose to hold and anchor it in my body.

Anytime, I go through a challenging situation in life, I ALWAYS have a choice.

A choice to respond versus reacting. Feeling that make me breath easy and be the Love and Light. Namaste!” 

- Julia Lane - Russia 


East meets the West

 AnaCristina is well studied and practiced in creating organizational spaces that are in harmony and salubrious to good health.  With a rock solid understanding of real estate, deep studies in Eastern modalities like Feng Shui, and Western colorful psychology, she is able to do sensory and visual scans of workplaces, home offices, and personal living quarters. Leveraging her background as an event planner on top of familiarity in the luxury high net worth market, she strives to help people strike a balance of harmony, serenity, and good health in their living environment.

 -Alex Pop - USA

Level of Consciousness

 “AnaCristina is a bright star illuminating the Bio Sacred horizon. She’s thoughtful, generous, bright, funny, caring, a great friend. Anyone who works with her will be rewarded by her level of consciousness 

and high standards.” 

- Chia Ortegon - Costa Rica

Artist and Founder of Alchemy Art Village

I am Grateful

"I met AnaCristina when we used to go to the same Buddhist meetings. She is always in high spirits and have a very positive attitude towards life. It is very fun and enjoyable to be around her. She is a dedicated professional, who is always looking for self-improvement and going after her goals. I am grateful to have her as friend who I can count on." 

- Karla Quintao - Brazil

I’ve met Ana 19 years ago and we’ve been friends since than. Life is not easy and it comes with up and downs but I have to say that Ana has been always in the good side of my life because she is bright and a very optimistic person. She is always trying to see the good in people. She is always trying to be her best. Her energy brings light to a dark place. Being Ana's friend for so many years I can say, without a doubt, that she has evolved very much in the spiritual and professional area and this makes her unique.

A great friend with a great heart. If you have a chance to meet her, you will see it all.  The world is a better place with her.

Alessandra Sivie