your biosacred life is ready for you

Are you ready?

Have you ever been afraid of not being able to fulfill your life's potential?  I know,  I'v been there many times ... 

Do you have that burning desire to live life's fullest potential?  

Do you want to channel that desire into the right direction that would make you, your family and friends happy? 

Want to dance to the beat of your drums?  

Worry no more ....

YOUR doubts, fears, insecurities are a great source of creation and inspiration.  They are the symptoms that LIFE is calling us to take ACTION.  

Your consciousness brought you to this point in time… You are reading our words that might be guiding and illuminating the new path that is opening up for you. This path will lead you to another point in time, at which will be the zero point of what is next. Zero point, the void, the silence from where everything is possible where new lives are created. The zero point is the now where life happens and from where we make our decisions. Clear mind leads to clear decisions that leads to a clear path in life. 

Our biggest mission in life is to be able to be  in love with the person in the mirror. I can guide you in a paradigm shifting journey that will lead you into meeting your authentic self and fall in love with. You will surprised with the shift  feel uplifted and refreshed.  I apply intuitive psychological and environmental work guiding  and assisting you where you need to be by your own doing. You are in charge and I am there to support and illuminate the process.

Are you ready to ... 

- Be unapologetic BioSacred 

- Live your truth without imposing 

- Feel lighter, 

- Heal

- Integrating your dream with your reality

- Harmonize 

- Grow and learn from the world; knowing what to take in, knowing what to leave away

- Get rid of negative energy, holding patterns and outdated belief systems

- Have clarity 

- To give your true self a chance 

- To have conscious fun

My gift in this life is the ability to guide you in tuning into that inner destiny that’s yours and yours alone, helping you close the circle and bring you back to your zero point of all possibilities with clarity, fun, compassion and love. 

BioSacred's methods were developed with the ultimate goal to support you to break free from your own belief of limitations and expanding your consciousness through the environment intelligence. 


"We believe that life happens ‘in the now’ ... now is now ... then it will be another now. You are right where you should be. And we are VERY HAPPY that you are here!”  -AnaCristina  founder and CEO, BioSacred

BioSacred is ...

BioSacred®  is love ... is  mindset. BioSacred®  is the alignment and integration of the different elements that encompasses our lives. It is the point of realization; of living in accordance with our own Divine essence. 

Ana cristina's professional bio

                   AnaCristina de Sá , founder and CEO of BioSacred, is a life coach, space healer, a speaker and published writer.  She works with the alchemy of the scientific, spiritual and artistic realms. She is a blend of Brazilian passion, Boston urbanity, and Miami cadence, bringing the best of Eastern and Western philosophy to her practice.

                   Her life’s journey started in the colorful urban city of Rio de Janeiro, to the historical Boston, MA mingling with scientists at Ivy League universities to the sunny beaches of South Florida where she reconnected with her family of light. Her ability to execute her work at a high level is counterbalanced by her approachability and accessibility. She believes simplicity and creativity are the best approach to a problem.

                  She currently calls Miami home where before launching BioSacred she worked for One Sotheby’s International Realty in the luxury real estate market. In Boston, she was in the hospitality business working as an executive at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. AnaCristina,  has graduated from grad-programs at Harvard Extension School,  Starwood Hotels University executive training, certified in Psychosynthesis Coaching and Neuro Linguistics Programming.

                      Her life purpose to lead an aligned and integrated life has led to the creation of BioSacred, a movement dedicated to the empowerment of our authentic self utilizing our spaces and environment as an extra tool for the healing process. BioSacred is a community focused on harnessing individual intuitive powers. 

                     AnaCristina combines a lifetime of personal experience, psychological concepts, and universal laws with coaching and counseling expertise to support people in igniting their personal transformation to begin unapologetically living their truth and walking their soul’s path leading an optimal compassionate happier life. 


ana cristina's personal journey

unconditional love nature healing green dogs

Love for the earth elements

 I was born in the rich, colorful, vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil growing up surrounded by the biological abundance of nature, music, arts and culture. As a young child, I was strong willed, bold, and audacious. Spent most of my time immersed in greenery, climbing trees and being at one with nature.

Happiness was to watch the ants work so perfectly in unison, the hummingbirds kissing the flowers, the orchard blossoming with the sweetest tropical fruits. Wearing shoes was irrelevant and combing hair over rated.


My world was green from the grass and trees, blue from the sky, purple, yellow and many other colors from the flowers provided by Gaia’s love. Had the privilege to enjoy all that in the company of my best friend Susie; the gardens was our home, the stars our guides. She taught me that type of love that doesn't need words. The soul level unconditional love. The only love I know to give until this day.

Oh! Did I mention Susie was my dog? 


Taste of the Urban Life

Then at ten, things started changing drastically. Before I could fully understand what was going on, we packed and moved to the city. Leaving the hanging gardens of paradise.

Founding myself in a world I didn't recognize, living in an apartment and surrounded by concrete. Didn't know what to do and started climbing the playground's walls and escaping to the streets to go looking for a park or something that would make me feel at home again.  

Getting grounded by my parents was a daily affair. Even had a special chair that I had to go to think about what I have done. 


Life Surge

Now a young adult, life caught up with me and my world would never be the same. My emotional, sentimental and financial worlds collapsed overnight. No north star, no point of reference, no disclosure just everything around us crumbling. In the cascading anger, blame and chaos that followed I was like a survivor caught in an avalanche. I didn’t know which way was up, which way was down. I could barely breathe.  At that time I only new how to look for answers and reassurances outside myself.  When my world crumbled I crumbled.

In the middle of this chaos I left to Boston-USA.  Although an refreshing experience I was completely out of my comfort zone. Life in Boston was enriching yet different, difficult and lonely. 

My guilt mode thoughts at the time:  “If I behave properly, conform and work really hard everything would be okay again". My heart always longed for home I knew. I wanted badly to be the hero who would rescue our family. So I kept myself busy entertaining opportunities that matched what others expected of me but didn’t align my true essence. Scared if I open myself up and admit I was suffering I would disappoint family, fall apart and wouldn't be able to lead a dignified life. Even though far away from home I was still afraid to live life through my authentic self. Still afraid to claim my space in the world as being myself.

I was in a hurry  going nowhere. 

So after years working hard and ignoring my feelings and body signals I fell ill. A close encounter with death forced me to slow down and reevaluate my priorities. Life was calling. 

Realizing I had to dance to the beat of my own drum. I dove back into spirituality and Buddhism! - and began to make the way back to meet my authentic self. 

Finally embracing what I went through, I found the compassion to forgive myself and my family. By doing that I was inspired to go after the spiritual vision of what my life should be.

I pivot!  Packaged my bags and reached out to the unknown once more.


BioSacred life

The Return to my Divinity

I took my power back. By embracing what I thought to be my weakness I realized that my sensitivity,  empathy and ability to see beyond the veils of perception is a talent and a strength. Like a judo fighter controlling the energy in a fight, I managed to “air bend” the challenges life was throwing at me, and positively make a change for the better. 


Miami with its blue sky, white sand beaches and diverse smiley faces encourages me all day, everyday to come out of my comfort zone, to take responsibility for my happiness, to go align with my sacred self and connect with my family of light. Living the paradox of stillness in motion I stay present in my own life while getting out of my own way. Honoring my sacred self and healing at my own pace. 

A sacred life isn't a perfect one; a Sacred live is just life lived at its fullest with its ups and downs. We learning to find perfection in our imperfections. Nourishing our mind, body and spirit at each inhale and exhale. Allowing my life to unfold I found my Zero Point integrating all my modalities in a way that made sense for me which made me ready for what was next: assisting others to reconnect with their own BioSacred selves.   

I am BioSacred, so are you!

“The Self is a source of Love because our essence is Love.” - AnaCristina